Freestyle Roller BLUNT PRODIGY X Complete

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Hamarosan raktáron, 3-6 napon belül küldhető

Introducing the all-new 2023 version of the Prodigy X Series.

Once again this year, the PRODIGY X scooter has been improved with high-quality professional components. This series has the most improvements and uses a new advanced deck technology, an improved griptape, a Z clamp, a Low Stack headset and new Sector wheels.

Blunt's classic Prodigy X range is for intermediate to advanced riders looking to take their riding to the next level.

The Prodigy X is the tenth series in the PRODIGY range, built on 9 generations and 12 years of complete pro-level scooters.

Some of the classics of the Prodigy range have been retained: the lightweight Reaper V2 aluminium handlebars, the soft, durable TPR grips and our solid Diamond IHC fork.

The rest of the scooter has been redesigned with some major improvements. 

For the X series, a completely new manufacturing process has been developed on the deck, the Extech extrusion. This extrusion has a lower profile, wider internal walls and a highly responsive concave.  The head tube of the Prodigy X has also been redesigned, increasing contact with the deck, with a diamond cut and an aerodynamic profile. The Prodigy X deck is now wider than previous models, at 5 "L x 19.5" W. All these features combine to reduce overall weight and maintain strength.

As well as the new deck, other parts have been improved.  

A grip tape with a increased grain count for greater grip and durability. New nylon plugs and nylon V2 brake system to match the new extrusion. A LOW stack headset compression cap, redesigned to integrate and streamline perfectly with our IHC compression system. A refined, oversized 'Z' 2-bolt clamp with 6mm bolts, which works perfectly with our bar, fork and compression system. 

All rolling on the SECTOR 120mm x 26mm PU wheels 86A with the increased PU width assist with core protection and smoother ride.

The complete scooter has a reduced weight of 3.265kg/7.2 lbs. 

The Prodigy legacy continues to grow and can always be relied on for quality and performance.

Available in 5 colours made up of durable, high-quality finishes.

Technical Specifications :

- Total Weight : 3.265kg/7.2 lbs
- Foot Space : 345mm
- Total Height : 865mm
- Total Length : 690mm
- Bar Height : 620mm
- Bar width : 560mm inc bar ends
- Deck Length : 19.5”/495mm
- Deck Width : 5”
- Clamp : Z Clamp Oversized 2 Bolt 6mm
- Fork : Diamond IHC Fork
- Compression : IHC
- Headset : Low Stack Compression Cap
- Grips : TPR 160mm
- Headtube angle : 83.5°
- Wheel Size : 120mm x 26mm PU width 



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